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UK Votes for 'Brexit' - What Happens Next?


It's finally happened. Britain is leaving the EU. Oddly the markets are in free fall as if this event was totally and completely unexpected. Come on! Odds were 50/50 or close to it so don't act so surprised.
I know some of you are going to hate me for saying this, but I'm glad. The question is who goes next: France? Italy? Denmark? or someone unexpected?
Why am I glad? I'm a believer in States' Rights and have been concerned for years over the increasing loss of sovereignty of our States. (There is a reason the word sovereign occurs in the name of my company.)
If I've been concerned about States' Rights at home, you can only imagine how tortured I've felt watching the formerly sovereign nations of Europe march towards Globalization. I hope this is the beginning of a major reversal.
In the meantime, those of you with exposure to US markets, foreign markets, the Euro and many other financial instruments are no doubt wishing you'd stayed in bed.
Let me keep this short and sweet. You must protect your retirement plan from market disruptions like we are seeing today. Watch out for greedy politicians, globalist and government watchdog groups who've been created with little or no checks and balances. (Think Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, CFPB.) There would be nothing you could do about it - they could drastically alter your retirement plan with the stroke of a pen.

CFPB- Partial quote. "CFPB's structure insulates it from political accountability and internal checks and balances in violation of the United States Constitution. Unbridled from constitutionally-required accountability," Friends of mine in the banking world have told me the CFPB has been devastating to their business.


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