And your three best offshore options and the benefits to each are as follows:
Option #1: Move Your Funds to a Non-U.S. Bank
You'll get relief from the clutches of greedy bureaucrats, lawsuit-hungry lawyers and data-mining snoops.
Privately trade stocks, bonds, mutual funds, CDs, precious metals and currencies.
Buy into elite mutual funds, managed by analysts who have consistently outperformed their American counterparts.
Option #2: Purchase a Non-U.S. Annuity
Prevent creditors from gaining unwarranted access to your funds.
Participate in investments that are normally unavailable to U.S. citizens.
Hold your assets in a safe offshore haven without violating IRS regulations.
Note: To buy an offshore annuity, you must work with an adviser who has been approved by the insurance company. These investment vehicles are not self-directed- so it's important to choose an adviser carefully.
Option #3: Form an International Business Company (IBC) or Foreign Corporation
Adds a significant layer of asset protection and privacy to your business (if established in the right jurisdiction).
Can be used to open a foreign banking/trading account, purchase an annuity, make foreign investments directly or purchase real estate.
Physical possession of your funds rests with a non-U.S. company that may not recognize judgments awarded by U.S. courts.
Note: Your IRA would be the owner or member of the corporation depending upon the structure and YOU would be the manager with complete control over where the corporation does business. The custodian will, of course, insist on an annual statement of the corporation's activities and assets it owns.
Option #4: Direct Foreign Investment
In some instances you are able to make a direct foreign investment thereby moving your assets offshore. A good example of this type of investment would be the purchase of real estate in a foreign country. There are other direct foreign investments available to the holders of retirement plans. These types of options continue to dwindle as our government pressures them to become, in effect, extensions of the IRS.

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