Have you ever been told by your financial advisor that you can't make an investment in your IRA? It happens all of the time. That's because many “IRA Custodians” only allow you to invest in so called “traditional investments” and won't allow you to invest in alternative investments.  Traditional investments, you know, things like: stocks, bonds, mutual funds and annuities. Have you ever asked yourself why they would do that? It's because they are financially compensated when you invest in one of their products or an investment they are affiliated with. Oftentimes the investment recommended is driven by the commission the advisor receives.

A Self-Directed IRA allows you to make traditional investments as well as alternative investments. You can actually invest in anything that is not specifically prohibited by the IRS and very few investments are prohibited.
Take back control of your retirement plan. Open a self-directed IRA with SIPS today and “Liberate Your IRA”.

I wrote an article in September of 2008 called, Whose Retirement Is It Anyway? Wrest Back Control of Your Financial Future from the Presumptuous Fat Cats on Wall Street. Click here if you would like to read the story of how we helped someone regain control of his retirement plan while making the investment of his dreams.

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